Semi-Permanent Makeup
By Lizzie Brace

18 years experience with Soft Tap.

Semi-Permanent Cosmetics, also known as Permanent Make-Up, Dema Graphics or
Cosmetic Tattooing is a cutting edge aestetic treatment for men and women which employs the
latest techniques to achieve lasting colour or definition.

The treatment which is technically known as Micro-pigmentation, is a flawless makeup for
eyebrows, lashes, lips or the eye-line tha will fade over time.

It is great for those of us who have difficulty applying conventional make up, have lost their
hair or suffer from allergies. Havinga semi-permanent make up procedure elevates all worry
and allows you to enjoy the benefits of wearing perfect makeup that is individually tailored to you.

Each treatment includes a follow up appointment and top up after 4 weeks.

Consultation & Patch Test
(redeemable against treatment)
Powder Brows £350
Microblade Brows £350
Top eye liner £250
Bottom eye liner £150
Top and bottom eye liner £350
Lip Line £450

Laser Tattoo Removal
By Liz Brace

First thing is first, this is NOT going to be the right clinic for you if you wish to have your tattoo removed FAST. With my gentle, yet effective DermaEraze laser, I specialise in gentle removal with minimal scarring and this can take TIME.

Scarring is a very real risk of this procedure but if done correctly, that risk is minimalised. No one can guarantee to remove a tattoo without scarring, if they can, I would be very worried about their credibility. However, my technique means that I am giving your skin the best possible chance it can have to heal effectively.

A tattoo is a form of body art where indelible ink is inserted into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. Contrary to popular belief, tattoos are not permanent and can be removed if they are no longer wanted. Tattoo removal methods have come a long way in the last 10 years with new tattoo removal lasers making the process easier than ever before. Whether you've grown out of it or simply do not like it anymore.

Not all tattoos are the same. It is important to understand that tattoos vary greatly. Older ink is usually easier to remove, colours can be more challenging. I can advise you to the effectiveness of treatment and work out a schedule of removal to maintain minimal scarring.

Consultation & Patch Test
(redeemable against treatment)
Body Tattoo Removal from £40
Semi-Permanent Make Up Removal from £125
Age spot/pigmentation Removal from £50

All laser prices are per session and vary depending on the size and colour of the tattoo. Laser tattoo removal is not an exact science, so a thorough consultation will be given before the decision to proceed.