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All manicures and pedicures at Blush & co are finished with OPI products and polishes.

Hands By OPI


file and Polish £14.00
French, File and Polish £16.00
Shape and polish combo - hands and feet £25.00


Trim & shape nails, cuticle work, soak, massage & moisturise, polish or shine


deluxe Manicure

Trim & shape nails, soak, scrub, masque, massage & moisturise using heated mittens with polish or shine


Feet by opi


File and Polish £14.00
French, File and Polish £16.00


Trim & shape nails, cuticle work, soak, remove hard skin, massage & polish


deluxe PEdicure

Soak feet, trim and shape nails, cuticle work, exfoliation, remove hard skin and revive in heated booties with OPI mask and finish with a massage, polish or shine.
French polish for any of the above is £2.00 extra / Nail art is also available


Pedikur hard skin treatment for feet

Excellent for hard and dry skin, leaving your feet feeling soft and revitalised.
First treatment with pedicure £50.00
Thereafter 2-3 weeks £25.00 (no pedicure included)

from £25.00

nail art

Speciality hand painting or decorated nails.

Rockstars now available.

from £0.50

New calgel overlays - Natural overlays

Are your nails weak and breaking?
A superior strengthening gel, that protects the natural nail. Allowing healthy nail growth and excellent condition
No nail tips are applied.

from £30.00
Infills recommended every 2-3 weeks from £30.00

Acrylic, gel or calgel remove with shape & polish


Acrylic, gel or calgel remove with manicure



Gelish / OPI nails

Gel polish manicures and pedicures that, are chip-free, flawless and lasts.


gel hands or feet colour


Gel hands or feet french


Gel remove with shape and polish


Gel remove with manicure


New Infinite shine

A nail lacquer system that produces the rich colour, intense shine and lasting wear of gel. No ED curing necessary. No buffing of the nails or soaking for removal. Quick to dry.